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Teammate Jackie Robinson A Hero For Our Times

Lessons of the Game

An Integrated Teaching Unit


This unit is designed for students in grades 5-8 but all activities may be adapted.

Introductory Activities

Integrating P.E.

  • Take your class outdoors for a grand ole day of playing baseball. Challenge other classrooms in a school-wide World Series.

    Integrating Social Studies

    For research ideas please go to The Negro League Players Lesson Ideas Page

    This includes:

    • Researching famous Negro Players including those in the the Baseball Hall of Fame
      A complete list with players' names and links is included
    • The Role of Women in Major League Baseball
    • Ethnic Diversity in Major LeagueBaseball
    • Baseball Players as Heroes
  • Have students explore the baseball traditions in your community. Small groups can research the history of local Little League teams, local school teams, adult amateur and semi-pro teams, and the lives of major leaguers who came from your area. If you can locate a local member of your community who participated in baseball at a professional level, invite them to speak to the class about theor baseball experiences.

    Have students research the role Jackie Robinson played in the Civil Rights Movement.

    Cummulative Activities

    • Culminate your baseball study with a "baseball bee". Divide the class into teams and have each prepare questions to challenge their opponent's knowledge of baseball history, geography, statistics, terminology, heroes, and trivia. Like batters in baseball, team members will answer questions individually, proceeding through their line-ups. Three missed questions will retire the side. Four correct answers will score one run. Play for nine innings to determine the World Series Champions.

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