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"A Whole New World" courtesy of The Disney Midi Page


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My Award Gallery

"All work is as seed sown; it grows and spreads, and sows itself anew."
-Thomas Carlyle

flowerA special thank you to all who thought my page deserving of an award! Please visit their sites as they certainly exemplify "good-will" amongst all who attempt to create!

Thanks so much Jackie!

Thanks to Allan at Allan's Eclectic Forum. Received on July 25, 1997 for my Shakespeare Section. Please visit Allan as he has a very informative section on the bard!

Thanks to my friends at Chihuahua Pharoahs! Received on July 25, 1997. Please stop by and visit their remarkable pages! The Pharoahs tell me I am the first ever to win more than one of their awards-I am truly honored!

Thanks to Windy Creek for this wonderful honor!
Awarded on July 24, 1997 for the Children's Lit section

Shining Star Award for Holiday Pages
Thanks so much Elly!
Received on July 22, 1997 for my holiday pages!

Scotty's award
Awarded on July 6, 1997. Thanks so much Scotty

Laurel's Golden Star Award
Thanks so much Laurel!

Bookbug Award
Awarded on June 29, 1997 for the Children's Literature Nook. Thank you June at Bookbug on the Web

Marvelicious Award
Awarded on June 28, 1997 for my 4th of July section. Thank you Sonja!!
Please visit Sonja's beautiful site at: The Marvelicious Home Page

Friendship and Love Award
Cindy's Friendship and Love Page
Thank you so much Cindy! Hugs!!

Dreamcatcher Award

Haley Ann's Award
Thank you Claudette! You can read all about the wonderful things Claudette is doing in honor of her granddaughter at Petitchoux's Extra. (Petit choux means little cabbage in French :) )

garden gate

I am pleased to tell you that your great site is being featured this week in the "Summer Reading for Kids" article at Parenting of K-6 Children at The Mining Company. The feature will run June 21-27, then will be placed in the Previous Features archive.

I'd like to invite you to come on over and visit Parenting of K-6 Children to check out the feature. The link to "Summer Reading for Kids" is found on the Welcome page under "From Your Guide." You can see the site at the following address.

The Mining Company

Thanks for a great resource for parents!

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Janet's Special Gift
This is a very special gift from my great friend Janet. Visit her site at the Christian Home to Learn Web Site.

garden gate

I am a featured literature hot spot at the Franklin Institute! Thank you!

Multiple Personalities Award Perseus Award
Both awards received on June 21, 1997 from David at The Forum, for the Literature Nook. David has a splendid website on Rome-be sure to stop by!

Patriotic Site Award
Awarded on June 18, 1997 for my holiday section on the 4th of July. Thanks so much Ron!! This award meant a lot to me!!

garden gate

Annabella's Award

The Gone With the Wind Page of the Literature Nook was awarded this beautiful award on June 13, 1997 by Annabella at At Home With Annabella. Annabella is from Rockingham, Western Australia and she has a lovely home page. Please stop by and say hi to her.

Lady's Spirit of Honor Award
Please visit The Lady Diana
She has an enchanting web site and a selection of gorgeous backgrounds! Thanks Diana!

5Geokids Cool Page Award
5Geokids Cool Page Award for June 1997

Wookie Award
Thanks Lori! I love it!! :)

Grapholina's Award
Thank you Grapholina-the dungeon wasn't so bad! :)

garden gate

Elly's Slice of Cyber Pie Award Elly's Slice of Cyber Pie


Sometimes in the course of surfing the web I find sites that I feel merit more than just a guestbook entry or a few kind words in an email to the webmaster. In fact, once in a great, great while I discover a site which deserves the highest honor I can bestow. Yours is such a site. As a very small token of my esteem and admiration, I'd be honored if you'd accept the attached award for Children's Literature On the WWW. It is one of nine I bestow on various sites, and is the highest honor of all my awards. It cannot be applied for and, with rare exceptions, it is awarded to only three sites per month. Congratulations! You have what I consider to be one of the finest sites on the entire web! Your site name will be added to my recipients page in just a few moments.

Thank you Elly for the kind words-you have a beautiful web site as well!

garden gate

Moon Dance Award
Visit Kat's beautiful web site at Kat's Realms.

Winds of Change Humanitarian Award
Thanks to Josie at
Winds of Change.

Winds of Change Web Excellence Award
Another special award from Josie!


Guardian Angel Award
Thanks to Rick and Donna's Guardian Angel

Honey Bee Award
The Honey Bee Award

JFK Site Award
This was presented to my JFK Tribute Section of the Literature Nook
Please visit Crime of the Century

Minnie's Picks
Visit Minnie's wonderful web site!

Orchid Award
Orchid Award received on June 1, 1997.

Webkat Teacher's Award
Charmayne's Teacher Awards awarded on May 30, 1997.

Cyber Teddy Award
Cyber Teddy Award awarded on May 30, 1997.

Ladies of the Heart

I am proud to be included in the Ladies of the Heart.
May 29, 1997

flower Callie's Award
Visit Callie's Very Best Choice Award Page

garden gate

You have been accepted into a very prestigious group of women on the internet, and in turn been given the "Phenomenal Women On The Web" seal. This is a membership into a very exclusive group of Women. Please don't treat or think of this as just one of your awards to be stuck away on your awards page. It is not an award. It is a statement of who and what you are all about, and your stand on the WWW among the millions.
Received on May 27,1997

I Am A Proud Member Of:

Phenomenal Women Of The Web

Up Front Award

Awarded on May 27, 1997

garden gate

Family-Friendly Site


Thank you KC!! HUGS!!

Erin's Enchanted Award
Please visit Erin's Home Page

garden gate

For your efforts in the promotion of art to children we indeed wish to honor you with the "Camelot's On Wings Of Love" award.

On Wings of Love Award

Know all ye this is not an award given for fast loading pages, outstanding graphics nor unique HTML coding. In essence this is no award at all -- rather we of Camelot wish to recognize and honor your participation in the constructive guidance of the world's children and the possibility of a brighter future for humanity.

I am most proud of this honor and hope you will visit the Camelot site, where you will discover other sites dedicated to children and the arts!
Thanks Merlin!!
Genie Lamp Lady Jeanne of Camelot
May 20, 1997

Stop by Kool's Country kool award

Spyder's Empire Cool Site Award
Stop by Spyder's Empire

Toymaker's Award

WorldVillage Family Site of the Day

garden gate

of a Page Award!

Noel Family's Holiday Award
The Noel Family has a wonderful holiday page! Please visit them!!


"That which cometh from the heart will go to the heart."

Cat's Catnip of the Day

Congratulations! Your site is being spotlighted today on CAT's Catnip of the Day for Sunday, December 15th. Read what she has to say!
I received this award for my Christmas page located at my holiday web site There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays which features a monthly holiday focus.

Favorite Neighbor Award Please visit Lady Anita's beautiful page!
Awarded December, 1996 for Holiday Pages.


Awarded December, 1996 for holiday pages.

Catfish Pond Award
Please visit Jerry's site! It is really cool!!

garden gate

Yate's Family Award

Cat's Sittin Pretty Award

Cat's Sittin Pretty Award

web prestige icon
I am proud to be a member of Web Prestige.

HTML Writers Guild Logo
Me gif am a proud member of the HTML Writer's Guild

garden gate

Heart Plant "Look to this day,
For it is life,
The very life of life,
In its brief course lies all
The realities and verities of existence,
The bliss of growth,
The splendor of action,
The glory of power-

For yesterday is but a dream.
And tomorrow is only a vision.
But today, well lived,
Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore to this day."

-Sanskrit Proverb

animationThanks for stopping by! I am quite proud of this page and what it represents!

Reno, NV

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